Club Hub UK Event 2019

Christina, who does a brilliant job of running our SE London classes, recently attended the Club Hub UK Event – a whole day dedicated to businesses providing activities for parents and children. Here’s what Christina had to say about the day:

I had a fantastic day at the inaugural Club Hub Event hosted by Tessa Robinson, owner of Club Hub UK and Tessa’s Jazz Hands.

Even though Hummy Mummies is a well established brand and business, I am quite new to the world of parent/child activities, so I wanted to see what tips I could glean from businesses who were old hands and exchange ideas with people in the same boat.

The event was held at Balls Brothers in The City.  It’s an elegant establishment, perfectly located for delegates to travel from all corners of the UK – and they did.  I spoke to people from Aberdeen, Wales, Birmingham and Yorkshire to name but a few.  The range of children’s clubs and activities were amazing and some of the delegates, like me, were aimed more at the mum and baby market.

We started off with drinks and networking.  It was a very friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere.  Then we were led downstairs to a conference room perfectly sized for the amount of guests – around 150, I would say.

The first guest speaker, start-up strategist Hasan Kubba, gave us a gentle start to the day’s activities.  Hasan focused mainly on explaining that Facebook had changed it’s privacy policies and how that would affect anyone using it to promote their business.  He also gave us some straightforward tips on marketing ourselves as people, rather than just as faceless businesses.

After a coffee break we had the woman of the moment, Tessa Robinson, talk us through her journey into the children’s activity business.  She followed up with a useful Q&A for those of us wanting to branch out into similar areas.

We all had quite an appetite for lunch by then, and fortunately Balls Brothers provided a perfectly chic and delicious lunch for us.  During the break we had a chance to buy raffle tickets and have a giggle at the “Crash Grabber” capsule.  The less said about my attempt the better!

Our final guest speaker was Junior Ogunyemi, a multi award winning entrepreneur and author.  His talk was both inspiring and enlightening.  I certainly had a couple of “light bulb” moments listening to him.  A point he made about not being able to grow a business if you are that business 24/7 helped me make a decision I had been mulling over for some time.  I need an assistant!

I only wish the day had been longer so that the Q&A session could have been in more depth!  I had my own questions and a couple of them were answered, but even hearing other people’s queries sparked off ideas.  I found most of the answers had applied to me at some point, or probably would in the future.

I must admit, after a super-hectic week, I was not exactly in the mood for the event when I arrived.  But once the first guest speaker was in full swing and I had “palled up” with a couple of like-minded women, I knew I would be glad I came – and I really was.  It was a great event that I’d thoroughly recommend!

Club Hub UK Event 2019