“Hummy Mummies is by far the best activity I signed up to after having my babies – something for me that they could enjoy so much too (it’s provided me with my favourite parenting moment yet – my 4 and 2 year olds performing a word perfect rendition of ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’). It’s de-stressing, energising and no-one bats an eyelid at either a screaming newborn or tantrumming toddler (I’ve attended with both). Richard is a fantastic musician and inspiring conductor and it’s great fun performing with his band at our termly concerts too.”

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Welcome to Hummy Mummies, the choir for mums (or mum-replacements) with bumps, babies and toddlers. Hummy Mummies exists to give mums the chance to get together and sing while looking after their little darlings.

Come and be part of the community of Hummy Mummies. We meet in a variety of locations around South East London, with new branches opening all over the place every year.

We sing a range of music, primarily based around pop, rock, folk and world music. You do not need to have any experience of choral singing or to be able to read music. You don’t even have to be a particularly great singer. What you do need is a sense of fun, enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved. We will be learning part-singing in a number of different ways. There is no religious or political bias at all – however sometimes we may learn songs from different traditions.

The premise of Hummy Mummies is to provide a stress-free environment where you can sing without worrying too much (within reason) about noise from your little one. That doesn’t mean you should let them scream, but it does mean that they can make noises without people tutting. All we ask is that if they become too noisy, you just take them aside until they have calmed down. Please note: you are responsible for your child at all times, and neither Richard nor Hummy Mummies takes any responsibility for looking after any children that you bring with you.

We are in the process of franchising Hummy Mummies, and there will be more information about this very soon. If you’re interested in buying a franchise, please get in touch.

You can watch us on video at our concerts on our video page.

Please feel free to ring or email if you’d like to know more.